About Us

Since our foundation in 2007 AIA IT Solutions LTD has been trading as ITBSS and Bluconsultant IT. We have been seamlessly present in many blue chip organisations based both in the UK and abroad.

Following our overriding principle of open, honest consultation we have delivered consistently and successfully against every one of our commitments from large transformations through to process reviews and small change items.

We are committed to offer every bit of our knowledge and expertise to your organisation without the need to have it "coaxed" out of us and all of our consultants work on the "treat it as though it was my own money" principal whilst engaged with our clients.

In our opinion, and gleaned from our high levels of repeat business, we offer fantastic value for money because we don't just tell you how to do it and walk away, we do it for you in a way that provides your people with the skills they need to deliver for you in the future.

Overview of our services .

  • Cloud Services and Hosted Solutions.

  • IT Infrastructure Management.

  • Network Services.

  • Business Transformation.

  • IT Training.

  • Services Provided by Bluconsultants .

  • Business Analysis.

  • Project Management.

  • Software Test Management.

  • Details on our Outsourcing and Professional services can be found at Bluconsultants.com.

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