Wireless Networking

Where it is not cost effective or desirable to install fixed data cabling, or if you just want the freedom away from a fixed network connection, NSS have the capability to supply and install various wireless infrastructures both internally and externally to your premises.

All hardware from access points and bridges to USB and PCMCIA wireless network adapters can be provided. We will perform a systematic survey of your site to establish the best method of applying wireless connectivity to assure a strong and reliable signal anywhere, anytime inside your building for any device you wish to attach.

More often nowadays companies are occupying more than one building in close proximity to each other. Establishing a Wide Area Network can be an expensive process through laying cabling or purchasing dedicated ADSL or Lease lines.

Wireless Point to Point connections offer a cost effective and performance critical solution to bridging these sites, even if the distance exceeds 2km and a direct line of sight is not possible.

Every single wireless solution we install is configured to the highest level of security. Protection is paramount, and at NSS we understand the importance of privacy and data fortification. Advanced encryption technologies make certain your network remains secure.

Cisco Small Business Wireless Solutions

Cisco offers versatile, high-performance wireless solutions that support nearly any wireless application Small businesses require, including mobile data, voice over wireless LAN, wireless video monitoring, and highly secure guest access. The Cisco wireless solutions include standalone access points in small wireless environments or can be deployed as part of a larger data and communications network.

Cisco wireless solutions are the industry's only unified wired and wireless solutions to cost-effectively address wireless LAN (WLAN) security, deployment, management, and control. This framework integrates and extends wired and wireless networks to deliver scalable, manageable, and highly secure WLANs with the lowest total cost of ownership. The Cisco wireless solutions provide the same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management for WLANs that organizations expect from their wired LANs.

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