So you've got your network running smoothly, and all your required services are setup. It's plain sailing from here on !


In an ideal world that would be true, but sadly in the real world IT has a habit of failing at just the wrong time.

At ITBSS we're always just a phone call or email away, and able to give rapid response to service failures, and accurately help to resolve questions and problems.


Remote access software means that for anything less than a total server or internet connectivity failure, we can perform diagnostics and fix most problems without attending site, saving both time and helping reduce our carbon footprint.




Computer & Printer workshop repair. We will ascertain what remedial action is required, then advise you of potential costs of parts and labour prior to authorised work being undertaken.


Our engineers are experts in repairing pc problems of all kinds & all windows based operating system issues such as. Blue screen error, Boot up errors, PC keeps restarting, PC keeps crashing, Software hanging or freezing, Viruses, Spyware ,Malware , No sound from speakers , Nothing showing on monitor ...and many, many more.



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