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ITBSS can provide a cost effective anti-spam filtering for your entire company via our in house systems. Charged per domain, regardless to how many accounts you have on that domain.


Anti Spam System

ITBSS Network Services have introduced a new service for clients suffering from the problem of receiving spam e-mails, which can take up to an hour a day to separate manually from good e-mail. By centralising a single service we are able to offer industry leading software put to work for your domain for a fraction the cost of implementing your own on-site spam solution.

This has the extra benefit of saving you costly bandwidth as you will no longer have to download the spam e-mails, we do that for you, anything which is obvious spam is deleted, then the good e-mails are passed on.


How Does It Work?

When the decision is made to route a domain through our antispam service, we modify the MX record which diverts all of the mail from your site to our MX array hosted here in the UK.


When the mail arrives it is first scanned for Viruses by Syamantec products, one of the worlds leading Antivirus solutions, the mail is then passed on to No Spam Today! which is another industry leading software which firstly checks composite blocking lists published on the internet for known IP address's of spammers.


If the sending IP is found on one of these lists the mail will either be dropped or the likely spam score upped. Next the software reads the e-mail scoring the content, if the total score is above a certain predefined number (defined by Hamima Network Services), the e-mail is deleted.


If the score puts the e-mail in a gray area then a new e-mail is created, and the reasons for the gray classification are noted in the body of this message, the original message is then sent as an attachment. Lastly the No Spam Today! software starts a waiting delay, which at the end it will check to see if the sending server is still waiting, as a legitimate server will wait for the acknowledgement, however a spam server will send the mail and drop the connection. If this test is failed then the e-mail is dropped.

Does It Work ?

On average we have seen a drop in spam on customers sites by around 70-80%, we are at the moment currently deleting around 30,000 e-mails per day which are obvious spam.


What about Legitimate Mail Caught By The Filter?

If you find a legitimate e-mail is being caught by the spam filter simply e-mail us with the e-mail address of the person sending the mail and we can add them to our global whitelist.


I Still Have A Problem Mail, Can It Be Stopped?

Yes, we also run a global blacklist, so if you have trouble with a particular sender, then e-mail us with either the senders IP address, or the senders e-mail address and we will add them to our global blacklist.









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