Cloud Services

ITBSS' cloud computing solution leverages best-of-breed technologies from our most reliable technology partners to deliver effective and scalable cloud computing to our all of our clients.

During challenging economic times more businesses are turning to cost-effective IT solutions to expand the functionalities and capabilities of their existing network infrastructure. The Cloud is proving itself as a powerful computing model that provides cost-savings benefits and increased agility, flexibility, and uptime.

By migrating to the cloud, businesses can save money on infrastructure costs and increase productivity through the ability to access their important data at anytime and from anywhere.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • No need to invest heavily in an IT infrastructure, which provides savings on physical space, maintenance, and hardware.
  • Alleviates the reliance on in-house IT departments and shifts the responsibility to third-party providers to deliver hardware installations, updates, and maintenance
  • Pay only for the services you need and use
  • Increased productivity through advanced mobility features that allow employees to work remotely and securely
  • The flexibility of cloud computing makes it scalable enough to grow as your business grows

Cloud is the latest symptom of a general trend towards more open, collaborative ways of working, in which companies become much less self-sufficient "islands" of activities than they were in the past. Indeed, it is increasingly difficult to determine the bounds of a company within its extended processes and supply chain.

The evolution of IT towards cloud is recognisable as a natural development that occurs within any field: things start off as innovations, are then delivered as bespoke offerings, then become defined products, and ultimately become commoditised and/or services.

There is a hierarchy of Cloud Services ITBSS provides, with the lowest level being the provision of infrastructure, which is essentially the delivery of Cloud Computing. On top of that is a layer, called Platform, built for the IT professionals and cognoscenti to allow them to build and support applications. On top of that the resultant applications are delivered as a service.


There is a wide range of SaaS ITBSS is offerings, which provide access to a multi-tenant application, usually via a thin client or a web browser. It is essentially the same as the well-established concept of Application Service Providers (ASP's).


ITBSS Platform is provided to allow people to build and deploy applications, usually but not always to run on top of IaaS and deliver a SaaS service. They are generally used at two stages of the lifecycle: to develop or enhance an application in the first place, and then to provide a suitable run-time environment once it is built.


ITBSS IaaS involves the provision of the basic hardware and associated systems software: processing, storage and network access to and between them. It is made useable as a service by providing a portal for control and internet access.

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