Free Network and Server Health-Check


Whether you have a full or partial maintenance agreement with your current IT provider, it's always worth getting another opinion as to the current status of your network. Hamima Network Services offers a free health check for all network and IT infrastructure; at the end of the check we will provide you with a report on the status of your Servers and Network setup.


Our health-checks are performed by our team of MCSE, CCNP and CCIE certified engineers, our comprehensive schedule includes many tests, and some of the checks that we will perform are listed below. Once the checks have been completed we will arrange to discuss any issues that we have identified and recommended solutions.


Servers and Network Infrastructure

Hard disk space, Memory , virtual memory, Security , Event logs , Anti-virus State , Backup system , Backup policy, Networking equipment , Firewalls ,ISP configuration check ,Wireless checks ,Password policies , hardware redundancy, Redundant power supply.

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